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wynn yarrow

art for comfort

My connection with textiles goes back generations to the weaving mills in Sweden where my ancestors worked in the 1800’s.  My grandmother was a “mill girl” in Lowell, Massachusetts.  My mother was a quilter; my father’s first job was in a textile dye plant.  But fabric isn’t just in my DNA; it’s universal to us all.  Textiles give our homes warmth, comfort and textural appeal. 

This was evident in the large woven tapestry in the guest bedroom of Soaring Garden Artists Retreat.  On my first visit to the retreat, the tapestry got my mind whirring.  On my second visit, I designed my first coverlet.   I walked the forests, sketched the plants and noticed the birds. I looked out over the scenery, took up my pencil and drew.  The idea had come full circle.  Don’t you love that?

Here is my growing collection of jacquard woven coverlets in pure 100% cotton.  Bring home the warmth.  Bring home the beauty. Bring home the comfort.

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raspberry Vine detail